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Technology and Applied Studies (TAS)

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The Technology and Applied Studies Faculty (TAS) specialises in leading Technology courses across a wide area of student skills and interests. It is an educational area based on skill development, innovation and creative thinking practices. It teaches the skills, ideas and concepts of today to meet the students’ education and life needs of the future.

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) areas of learning in TAS are taught by specialised teachers that are highly qualified and experienced in the delivery of competency based education. VET offers a course structure that is designed to provide students with the work skills and practices to successfully gain full time employment and can be seen as a pathway to lifelong learning.

The TAS Faculty is a progressive and focused team of classroom leaders, providing the very best in contemporary educational practices. The staff believe, all students have the capacity to achieve and should be provided with rich educational experiences that challenge students to not only reach their potential but surpass it.

TAS is focused on providing a supportive quality educational learning environment where students are provided with every opportunity to succeed and reach their personal best.

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