BYOD Policy

Killara High Schools’ BYOD AND SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY policy is driven by the premise that access to technology is vital for a future-focused learning environment.  Students need access to a range of technologies and laptop devices to participate in a 21st Century model of teaching and learning. The BYOD AND SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY program aims to harness the students’ connection to their own mobile device to enhance digital literacy and rich learning. It is a tool they carry with them into the future beyond the school gate.

By implementing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, Killara High School will assist students in developing digital literacy, fluency and citizenship while preparing them for the high tech world in which they will live, learn and work. It will empower students and give them direct involvement in the way they use technology in their learning.

Students are required to bring their own fully charged device each day to school to access online teaching and learning resources on the KHS intranet and the internet during classes. Students also use the device for note making during lessons.

Use the following checklist to ensure you are ready to purchase your device;

BYOD Policy and Guidelines Handbook (pdf 849 KB)


If you require more information or have questions regarding BYOD please contact our team:


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