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Special Religious Education (SRE)

Under the NSW Education Act (1990), SRE is defined as education in the distinctive beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion. SRE is taught by authorised representatives of that religion, and is for students whose parents have expressed the desire, usually at enrolment, that they receive this teaching.


YEARS 7 – 10

Currently every fortnight youth workers, assistant ministers and volunteers from local churches, synagogues and other religious institutions come to Killara High School to:

  • encourage an understanding of spiritual beliefs amongst students
  • extend to young people an opportunity to evaluate the messages of Christian, Jewish, Baha’i and Islam faiths

Spiritual wealth is critical to life more than ever today. Students discuss stories and issues faced in various sacred texts and how they are still relevant today.


YEARS 11 – 12

Students have the opportunity to attend SRE Seminars once per term where they will be able to learn, discuss and apply principles from the religion of their choice.  The current SRE providers include Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Baha’i and Islam.