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Students must accept responsibility for their own property, including articles of clothing. Money, other than small amounts for daily needs, and articles of value should be left at Reception in A Block for safe-keeping during school hours.  Valuables and mobile phones should not be brought to school or left in lockers.  During sport and physical education care of valuables should be arranged with teachers in charge.  To assist identification it is asked that wherever possible the name should be clearly marked on all clothing.  This also assists in the return of lost and unclaimed items. Students should not leave mobile phones or other electronic devices such as MP3 players or iPods in their bags. Students should keep these devices on their person unless the item is given to staff at Reception for safe keeping. The school takes no responsibility for the loss of mobile phones or other valuable items if not left for safekeeping with staff at Reception.


Please click on the link below, should you wish to find out more about mobile phones and devices;

> Mobile Phones & Devices Policy (pdf 71 KB)