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Gifted And Talented Students (GATS) Program

The Gifted and Talented Program is aimed for gifted students to learn and express complex ideas and subjects that are not taught in the current curriculum. It introduces sophisticated ideas to broaden the student’s mind and provide an opportunity for likeminded students to share their ideas. Over 60 students applied for this class in late Term 1 and 19 students participated in the program this year.

The topics being taught throughout the year in GATS included cognitive psychology, study of the virtual world, characteristics of gifted students, the Australian legal system, civil law, cyber law, human rights, influential figures in the virtual world, osteoporosis, debating, ciphers and bioethics.

During each topic for GATS we completed an engaging project to demonstrate our knowledge of the topic. For example, when completing the topic on osteoporosis, we talked with a NASA worker from the Houston Space Centre through a video conference and after the topic on ciphers, we participated in an escape room created by our peers.

This year’s GATS class were engaged and always interested to learn in every new and unique topic that they learnt about. We always approached our work with enthusiasm and creativity which always helped challenge the other students and the teacher. GATS 2016 has given us a new view on different and distinctive topics that will give us advanced knowledge for their senior years at Killara High School.