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Getting the most out of your education at Killara High School


 A Killara education means a comprehensive and challenging curriculum, enriched by a broad range of experiences beyond the classroom. We regard curriculum enrichment as an essential part of a rich and enjoyable education, and provide many avenues for students to pursue their interests and abilities.

Curriculum enrichment activities are important for the wellbeing of everyone, and particularly young people. Children who are involved in cultural, sporting or leadership programs have an increased sense of self-worth and stronger social networks.  Involvement in enrichment activities helps students develop the crucial skills of our times, such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and creativity.

This website sub-pages outlines the general range of curriculum enrichment opportunities that Killara High School offers. We guarantee that additional programs will appear during the life of this publication.  Our strong leadership program has always meant that new initiatives are developed by students and gain a place in an already full program.  The dynamic nature of our school means that where there is a need and an interest, it is met.

We encourage all students to participate in one or more of these activities. When students leave us at the completion of Year 12, the most common regret is that they did not involve themselves more comprehensively in school activities.  There are many opportunities here to pursue your interest, develop your skills and make new friends – please take this chance to enhance your school years and have a lot of fun.

KHS look forward to being your audience and your support in whatever program you choose.