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Anti-Bullying Policy

As in any community, the potential exists for students to be made uncomfortable by bullying or harassment. This can take the form of verbal abuse, physical actions or can be delivered via electronic technology (cyber bullying).

Killara High School values the safety and security of all students, and our Wellbeing Programs reinforce the concept that we should behave respectfully and have responsibility for one another’s Wellbeing.

It is important to emphasise that if quick action is to be taken to address bullying issues then parents, teachers and students should be united in their commitment to address issues of harassment that arise.

Students and/or parents are asked to report any situations that they become aware of to the relevant Year Adviser, Home Group Teacher, Head Teacher Wellbeing or Deputy Principal. Confidentiality will always be respected. Students who are not involved in bullying but who witness any such incidents have an equally important role to play in preventing the spread of hurtful actions and are encouraged to report as quickly as possible.

Cyber bullying is a particularly concerning form of bullying and parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s use of social networking sites and mobile phone use and report any instances of abusive messaging.

By acting together we can aim for a safe and emotionally secure place for everyone at Killara High School.

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Anti-Bullying Policy (pdf 79 KB)