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2016 Swimming Report

School Swimming Carnival

The annual Killara High School Swimming Carnival was held on Tuesday 2 February at Lane Cove swimming pool. It was a fantastic day where our students displayed excellent skill and ability.

Students wore house colours and the prefects lead several exciting events (including face painting) to foster inter-house competition. Students also had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Lemming Race’, a fun event where students completed swimming laps for house points. It was brilliant to see so many students participate in this event.

Well done to Caringa who won the carnival with an impressive 1165 points.

Congratulations to those students who were their age champions:

Girls Boys
12 Years Charlotte Lambourne Luke Fisher
13 Years Carolyn Niknafs Dennis Hui
14 Years Sophie Carroll Matthew Thorne
15 Years Maya Murphy Jono Shaw
16 Years Carrie Paulsen Noah Djordjevic
17+ Years Alicia Walker Benjamin Mackay

Zone Swimming Carnival

On Monday 29 February, 70 of our most talented swimmers attended the Zone Swimming Carnival.

All students demonstrated exceptional skill and ability, and represented Killara High School in an outstanding manner through their commitment, attitude and uniform.

This year we were successful in winning the carnival for the second year in a row!

1. Killara High School 1069
2. Cherrybrook High School 891
3. Pennant Hills High School 767
4. Turramurra High School 748
5. St Ives High School 672
6. Carlingford High School 664
7. Galston High School 481
8. Chatswood High School 383
9. Ku-ring-gai High School 224

A special mention must go to the following students who achieved outstanding results in the overall individual rankings:

1st in Age Group:  Charlotte Lambourne (Year 7), Carolyn Niknafs (Year 8), Dennis Hui (Year 8), Maya Murphy (Year 9), and Noah Djordjevic (Year 10)

2nd in Age Group: Matthew Thorne (Year 8), and Alicia Walker (Year 12)

3rd in Age Group: Pika Ksela (Year 9)

Sydney North Swimming Carnival

On 17 March, we had 35 students compete for Kur-ring-gai against the most talented students in the region at the Sydney North Swimming Carnival. All students demonstrated exceptional skill and ability and were a credit to Killara High School. Students who attended include:

Asher Klass, Benjamin Mackay, Bryony Hobson, Carolyn Niknafs, Carrie Paulsen, Charlotte Lambourne, Charlotte Bird, David Hwang, Declan Kirby, Dennis Hui, Elizabeth Parsons, Ethan Burgess, Georgina Laybutt, Hugo Marchant, Imogen Aikin, Jemma Hawkes, Jeremy Marchant, Josephine Cheung, Joshua Marsh, Karen Tsang, Mark Markov, Matthew Thorne, Maya Murphy, Mia Clark, Mitchel Cannell, Ned Waddington, Noah Djordjevic, Peter Wu, Pika Ksela, Rhys Tirado, Sophie Halliday, Sophie Carroll, Taro Iikura, William Lambourne, and Yasmine Samuels.

The following students achieved outstanding results in their individual events at the Sydney North Carnival:

Charlotte Lambourne (Year 7) 12 years 100m Butterfly 2nd
200m Freestyle 3rd
100m Freestyle 3rd
Ned Waddington (Year 7) 13 years 100m Backstroke 1st
Carolyn Niknafs (Year 8) 13 years 100m Backstroke 3rd  
Dennis Hui (Year 8) 14 years 400m Freestyle 1st
200m Freestyle 2nd
100m Breaststroke 2nd
100m Butterfly 1st
100m Freestyle 1st
50m Freestyle 1st
200m IM 1st
Matthew Thorne (Year 8) 14 years 100m Breaststroke   1st
Maya Murphy (Year 9) 15 years 100m Freestyle 1st
50m Freestyle 1st
100m Backstroke 1st
100m Breaststroke 3rd

We also had success in our relay events:

Relay Participants Place at Sydney North
4 x 50m 13 Years Boys Relay Ned Waddington, Taro Iikura, Asher Klass and Dennis Hui 3rd
4 x 50m 16 Years Girls Relay Pika Ksela, Yasmine Samuels, Karen Tsang and Maya Murphy 1st

CHS Swimming Carnival

11 Killara High students represented Sydney North at the New South Wales Combined Secondary Schools Sports Association Swimming Championships (CHS) held on 3-5 April. Students were competing against the best athletes in the NSW, and all showed composure and exceptional skill in their individual and relay races.

Charlotte Lambourne (Year 7) 12 years 100m Butterfly 3rd
200m Freestyle 7th
Dennis Hui (Year 8) 14 years 400m Freestyle 2nd
200m Freestyle 1st
100m Breaststroke 1st
100m Butterfly 1st
100m Freestyle 2nd
50m Freestyle 3rd
400m IM 2nd
200m IM 2nd
Matthew Thorne (Year 8) 14 years 100m Breaststroke   5th
Maya Murphy (Year 9) 15 years 100m Freestyle 1st
50m Freestyle 7th  
100m Backstroke 8th

All other competitors finished outside the top ten, but all must be commended on their outstanding achievement of qualifying for CHS.

Australian National Age Swimming Championships

Dennis Hui, Maya Murphy and Ned Waddington competed in the Australian National Age Champions which were held in Adelaide on 28 March – 3 April.

Dennis came 23rd for 200m IM, 14th for 800m Freestyle and 10th for the 4x50m Medley Relay. Maya placed 14th in the 200m Backstroke and 8th in the 100m Backstroke.

We have had a fantastic year of swimming in 2016. Thanks must go to all of the swimming parents who provide exceptional support and encouragement, ensuring that our swimmers balance school life, as well as their commitments to swimming. We look forward to 2017, and the swimming successes that are to come!

Tina Shapiro and Adam Bruckshaw

Carnival Organisers

School Swimming Carnival

Zone Swimming Carnival

CHS Swimming Carnival

4 x 50m 16 Years Girls Relay: Pika Ksela, Yasmine Samuels, Karen Tsang and Maya Murphy

Ned Waddington, Taro Iikura and Dennis Hui


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