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2016 Cross Country Report

School Cross Country Carnival

Due to Koola Oval undergoing some renovations, this year’s Cross Country Carnival was held at Bert Oldfield Park. The weather was fine and the competition was fierce which allowed for an enjoyable day out for all. Special thanks go out to the teachers outside of the PDHPE faculty who volunteered their time to assist and the Sports Council and Stage 5 PASS students who were outstanding in their assistance in the running of the carnival.

Congratulations to Doongara who won the 2016 inter-house Cross Country Carnival competition! The final house scores were: Doongara: 507; Caringa: 760; Mundara: 750; Kimba: 772. NOTE- Lowest score wins in Cross Country scoring

Congratulations must also go to the Age Champions:  

Girls Boys
12 Years Phoebe Fitton George Riley
13 Years Sophie Halliday Martin Leerberg
14 Years Hannah Krust Luke Klusman
15 Years Maya Murphy Lachlan Madden
16 Years Elizabeth Parsons Mathieu Mingant
17 Years Hannah Swinton Tim Payne
18 Years Nina Stammbach Ben Mackay


Representative Cross Country
Well done to our representative students in 2016. We had many students who were selected to represent Killara High, the Kuringai Zone and Sydney North Region at the Zone, Regional and State level. Sydney North and CHS participants are as follows:
Sydney North Carnival:

13 Year Girls 14 year Girls 15 Year Girls 16 Year Girls 17 Year Girls 18 Year Girls
Sophie Halliday Klear Digby Tamara Kowcz Risinke Elizabeth Parsons Bethany Rogers Nina Stammbach
Carolyn Niknafs Grace Baker Yasmine Samuels Simone Conyer   Nicole Fenton
  Jowy Leung Elise Bergerson Rebekka Krause    
  Avril Alam   Nadine Walker    
12 Year Boys 13 Year Boys 14 Year Boys 17 Year Boys
George Riley Martin Leerberg Luke Klusman Anders Bergerson
  Kealey Adamson    
  Ben Donohoe    
  Taro Iikura    

CHS Carnival:

Tamara Kowcz Rsinke
Zaki Mohabbat
Kealey Adamson
Ben Donohoe
Sebastian Waters

Tina Shapiro and Adam Bruckshaw

Carnival Organisers


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